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The sodium-ion powered e-bicycle designed by Alagappa Univeristy in Karaikudi

Alagappa University, private firm design sodium-ion powered e-bicycle, a viable alternative to lithium-ion battery

One of its kind electric bicycles designed by Alagappa University, which is powered by sodium-ion batteries, could be seen as a viable alternative to the conventional lithium-ion battery for its non-dependence on critical mineral’s abundance and cost-efficiency. 

At a time when electric vehicles are widely suggested as the best alternative to the vehicles that burn petrol and diesel to overcome climate crisis, the sodium-ion battery powered bicycles would further the process in moving towards more sustainable options, claims the team.  

The bicycle, which was designed at H2Next, a collaborative cell of the Alagappa University and industry, in its first stage as a pilot study will be introducing the cycle in the market at a minimum number in the coming days.  

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