Green Hydrogen, the Future

About Us

The H2Next is a technology and product-oriented company that applies its extensive know-how and unique processes to create high-performance and game-changing energy generation products that address the pressing needs of human society. H2next was founded with the vision to make hydrogen energy for all applications demanded by humankind by exploring renewable processes as much as possible. Almost all countries/governments have set goals to reach net zero so that carbon emissions can be eliminated to avoid global warming and its consequences.


H2next, synonymous with Hydrogen, is the next promising energy carrier for the world. Hydrogen is the element with highest gravimetric energy density of 150 MJ/kg and is the most available substance in the universe, perhaps approximately 80% of the atoms are hydrogen atoms.

H2Next has taken attention as an environmental friendly energy strategies which possibly to replace the current fossil fuel based energy production, this can be achieved by when the Green Hydrogen is produced from the renewable water. Green Hydrogen using electrolyser are having many advantages are as follows

AEM Membrane

H2nextAEM™ membranes were developed specifically for use in hot and strong alkaline environments. They represent the only commercially viable option for the evolution of alkaline membrane electrolysis systems.

PEM Electrolyser

When a water molecule passes through electrochemical process water molecules split into hydrogen and oxygen gases, this process is called water electrolysis. Electricity is used for splitting hydrogen and oxygen into their gaseous phase.

AEM Electrolyser

A typical AEM water electrolysis cell consists of an anode, a cathode, a power supply, a diaphragm, and an electrolyte, such as aqueous potassium hydroxide (KOH) or sodium hydroxide (NaOH. When a voltage is applied to the anion membrane cell, electrons flow from the anode to the cathode, which is accompanied by the water oxidation and reduction reactions on the two electrodes (Equation 4.1).


H2next meets the customer needs in the services areas of electrolyser and cell assembly as per the industry standards with the help of our experts. These services help in enhancing their business prospective and thereby growth. H2next also provides services on precious metal ( Platinum, Gold, etc) thin film coating, Membrane electrode assembly (MEA) with catalyst coating, Catalyst synthesis, flow field fabrication for electrolyser and analytical services related to cell performance analysis, catalyst synthesis results and plating efficiency results.

Gold Coating

Precious metal like gold ensure that the current can easily flow and improve the conductivity between gas diffusion layer and the bipolar plate. Moreover, bipolar plates in electrolyser are often coated with gold to prevent rust formation. Inhouse coating is available and upon request our expert make the coating and supply the sample in time.

Platinum Coating

Platinum is the most efficient corrosion resistance and high catalytic activity during the hydrogen and oxygen reactions taking place at the anode and cathode in electrolyser. Inhouse coating is available and upon request our expert make the coating and supply the sample in time.

Metal Flow Field Fabrication

The importance of metal flow field pattern give constant gas distributions, low pressure drop for transport, and necessary rib area to offer high electronic conductivity.